Best Casino Restaurants in Las Vegas

Casinos today make it easy for gamblers to get their basic needs taken care of without having to venture far from the casino. Most casinos now try and make your experience seem like you are playing at home at This is why just about every Vegas casino features at least one restaurant with multiple ones being the norm. Some of these restaurants offer some of the best dining in the world with a variety of cuisine. When visiting Vegas, some top restaurants should not be missed. 

 For those looking for Japanese cuisine, then the Shintaro at the Bellagio Casino would be a terrific choice. The restaurant features a sushi bar kept chilled on blocks of ice. The flavours of the cuisine created by Chef Naoki Sakamoto are perfect. Chef Sakamoto also offers a traditional Kaiseki menu which feature traditional multi-course Japanese dinners. The décor of the restaurant is stunning with ceiling high tanks featuring gossamer jellyfish. 

 Spago has long been a name synonymous with fine dining and one of these restaurants can be found at Caesar’s Palace’s Forum Shops. Conveniently located near the casino and Coliseum, the restaurant is quite popular. Created by Chef Wolfgang Puck, this restaurant is enjoyed not only by tourists but locals as well. The current chef, Eric Klein, offers up a menu with American cuisine which varies according to the season. International influences bring uniqueness to the dishes on the menu. 

 The Mirage features an excellent restaurant known as Onda. Rustic Italian dishes are on the menu here with simplistic interpretations that allow flavours to shine. Dishes such as grilled meats and pastas infused with garlic are on the menu here. Some of the dishes have an American twist on them which creates a whole new culinary experience for Onda’s diners.

Beluga Caviar

Beluga Caviar is one of the world well-known delicacies that are priced high and renowned by many.  Beluga is a kind of fish that is found in European country, this is also known as a European sturgeon. It feeds on small fish that is why it is considered a predator. The term beluga caviar is also known as the female Beluga’s valuable roe. This endangered species is mostly found at the Black Sea basin, around the Caspian Sea and there are times at the Adriatic Sea. Because Beluga is considered endangered species, this makes the beluga caviar more expensive and hard to find in the market.

The eggs of the beluga sturgeon, also called as Huso huso is considered as one of the finest in the world. This delicacy is very expensive; in fact an ounce of beluga caviar is priced up to $100 or more, depending on the supply available. Its price can actually draw more attention, either in awe or in disgust, than to its taste.  The reason why these species are hard to find is because of the large demand on the eggs while caviar can live up to 118 years.  Imagine a fish living for this long will be killed to acquire the most precious egg, and how long would it take again for the nature to grow another fish that is able to provide quality fine eggs.

According to research, it will take 15 years for caviar to be mature enough and produce eggs. The predator fish can weigh up to 2,500 pounds while its length can reach up to 15 feet long.  It is also stated that the female caviar only spawn once in three or four years.  Sadly, in order for us to enjoy their precious eggs, the fish needs to be killed.  Because of this situation, over fishing of caviar was recorded and government needs to set a tight regulation to protect the species.

Because of the scarcity of this delicacy alongside its unreasonable price, only royalties can afford to acquire this let us include also those who are living in unimaginable luxurious life. I personally would like to experience tasting this but I’d rather not spend that amount of money for luxury of tasting it alone. 

Beluga caviar is a rich source of vitamin A and because of the fact that it has small amount of carbohydrates and trans fats makes it extremely healthy. Because of this it’s set apart from other modern time diet. It is good to note that beluga caviar should be taken with caution by persons on low sodium diet because it has extreme amount of sodium.

Fun things To Do in a Wine Club

Due to the development of modern wine culture, wine clubs were organized to serve and praise wine lovers upon membership to this club. Being a member to these exclusive groups will benefit each member valued services such as wine delivery and newsletter on a monthly basis to name a few.  I tried to enlist more below to give you more reason regarding why being in a social club such as wine club in not only good but beneficial.
  • Premium service at the wine store.
  • Never get wrong with the wine you select.
  • Present the perfect kind of wine to a person depending on the occasion.
  • Complementary tasting.
  • Get wine of the month delivered to your door step regularly.
  • Have a consistent supply of your favorite wine.
  • VIP tours to winery for wine club members.
  • Worry free with the payment because it will be billed to you and can be automatically deducted from your credit card.
  • Club also sets great events to members to enjoy, meet and greet other members too.
  • Celebrate memorable occasion with other club members
One of the highly respected among these clubs is the Wine of the Month Club. This club claims the most sustained and oldest among club wines and this is based in the United States. It was founded by Paul Kalmkiarian in 1972, then ownership and management was passed on to his son Paul Kalmkiarian Jr. in 1989. The club being based in the United States sends door to door delivery of wines to its club members on a monthly, once in two months and even quarterly basis. Being a wine lover, you will get exclusive two kinds of wine on your set date of delivery, one would be a locally selected wine and the other will be an international type of wine. This is one of the best benefits that are not available for non members of the wine clubs. With this, you don’t need to go to the wine store to get a supply of which wine you like when you have no more stock for yourself.

One of the fun things being in this group is the exposure a member will get on different types of wines. The club ensures that all members get exposed to various ranges of wines such as grape varieties and many others along with important information about the wines too. Wines delivered each month is a result of evaluation of about 300 to 400 wines each month and only two will be picked and endorsed to club members. 

Aside from this, the club can also offer other services such as made-to-order foods, wine as gifts, and also wine gift baskets.  Giving gifts from such club will ensure that the kind of wine to be given as a gift is of the best quality and highly recommended.

Should You Roast Your Own Coffee?

When you make coffee at home, you probably by your favorite kind of coffee bean and use your home coffee grinder to brew a cup. You might even by pre-ground coffee beans, or use instant coffee. These methods are quick and easy. What they all have in common is that someone else roasted your coffee beans for you. Coffee beans don’t grow ready to go into your cup. The “green beans” need to be roasted to perfection before you’ll want to taste them. The roasting of green coffee beans is an art that is practiced by gourmet coffee makers and coffee connoisseurs all over the world. If you love coffee, there is no reason you can’t do the roasting yourself. So, should you roast your own coffee?

The Roasting Process

Roasting coffee isn’t very difficult, but it does require practice. It’s a learned skill that you’ll need to get the hang of, or your coffee beans will just burn and smoke up your kitchen. First you’ll need to purchase green beans, and they’re available from a variety of distributers. They also come in many different types, so you’ll need to go with whatever suites your taste. All green beans can be roasted to your preferences for light, medium or dark coffee, even Espresso, French or Vienna roasts. Roasting the beans is very simple. There are a variety of methods, including roasting the beans on a cookie sheet in your oven, in a pan on your stovetop, or in a specially-bought coffee been roaster. Another popular and effective method of roasting coffee beans utilizes a popcorn popper. 

Roasting usually takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes, sometimes less. As your beans roast, they’ll get darker and darker in color, and their flavor becomes more and more strong. You’ll stop roasting the beans as soon as they reach the level of roast you desire. Cool them, and you’re all finished. Allowing the roasted beans to sit for 24 hours will let them settle into their full flavor, though you can use immediately. As you roast more beans, you’ll get the hang of exactly when you should stop roasting to achieve the coffee that pleases you most.

Why DIY?

There are lots of benefits to roasting your own coffee, and there is no real reason not to give it a try, especially if you’re an avid coffee drinker. Practically, roasting your own coffee costs much less and can save you a great deal of money. Green beans cost approximately half the price of roasted beans. If you drink a lot of coffee, the savings will be huge. Even if you want to invest in a professional roaster, your savings will quickly cover the cost. The other great reason to roast your own coffee is that it enables you to design your perfect cup. As you experiment with different beans and roasts, you’ll be able to create a coffee that is all your own. You can try combining the beans and creating your very own blend. There is a great level of personal satisfaction that can come with roasting your own coffee beans, and that makes for the best cup of all.

Blogging from the Pacific Northwest, Emily Wagner knows her coffee.  She avoids confusing writing with the world's best grammar checker.  In her spare time, she loves to experiment with new recipes for entertaining her friends and family. 

Fast And Tasty Homemade Dinner Recipes

As a active mother, frequently it's simple to depend on ready foods that aren't as nutritious for your loved ones, because you don't have a great deal of time to prepare. When you might not have enough time to prepare foods much like your mother or grandmother did, it doesn't imply that you can't make quick, delicious, and nutritious dishes. There are plenty of excellent supper dishes available that may be created and prepared inside of A half-hour with minimum perform. Obviously, you must have the proper elements readily available. Here are some superb advice for the kitchen area or even a quick recipe which you can use to get a homemade recipes for dinner available quickly.

Have sufficient Spices available

Among the best tips you are able to stick to to allow it to be simple to come up with quick and delicious dinners is to have sufficient spices or herbs available. Herbs and spices may take easy ingredients and using them as an incredible dinner, including more flavor and much better nutrients and vitamins for your food too. Nutmeg and ginger root could be excellent inclusions in red meat. Sea food goes fantastic with horseradish, and vegetables obtain a nice kick from curry or sage. Get these seasoning available and perform some experimentation to obtain wonderful tastes quick.

Keep Lean Meats in the Deep freeze

Lean meats contain high protein along with other good nutrition that the family members requirements and then there a multitude of various things you can perform with lean meats without having to spend a whole large amount of period in your kitchen making some of delicious homemade recipes four loved ones. In case your family members enjoys hamburgers, make sure they are more healthy by utilizing lean ground turkey and including shredded vegetables to the burgers. Barbecue grill up boneless chicken chests and enhance salads for a quick meal. Even lean beef could make excellent stir-fry dishes which are filled with vegetables and high on taste.

Supply Your Fridge with Fish

Fish is a superb meal that's nutritious and many people don't eat just as much fish as they are suggested. The fantastic thing about fish is that there are lots of quick and delicious methods you are able to prepare it. Poach the fish in drinking water with a few seasoning and lemon. An alternative choice is to snow fish with orange juice and cook until the fish is flaky. You are able to grill fish quick in aluminum foil packages to get a fast dinner also.

Quick Pasta Dinners

Pasta usually is an excellent element to own available and you will achieve so much using pasta. Have spaghetti, linguini, penne, as well as other pastas all around entirely whole grains. You can include sea food, chicken breast, as well as lean ground beef in addition to vegetables for a quick dinner. A little bit of essential olive oil plus some Parmesan dairy product can spice up a meal quick to get a healthful supper that won't have a large amount of your time and effort to create.

Melissa J. Montoya is full time mommy and she love to prepare delicious foods for their loved ones. When she have free time, she love to blog about homemade meat recipes and other delicious recipes and foods.

Edinburgh Restaurant Awarded the Coveted AA 3 Rosettes Award

A recent addition to the coveted list of establishments that have been awarded the AA three-rosette award is the restaurant run by Mark Greenway - No.12 Picardy Place in Edinburgh.

This prestigious award is given to only the very best restaurants in the country, so expectations are extremely high. Only a small number of Edinburgh hotels and restaurants have received the three rosettes and you can be sure that these establishments have achieved the highest possible standards. In fact, only 10% of restaurants in the whole of the UK have been deemed worthy of this award. Mark Greenberg and his team deserve plaudits for this achievement.

The three rosettes are granted after highly qualified AA inspectors have made one or two visits to the establishment under review. They will essentially be looking for a number of factors, such as high standards of expertise and originality in the restaurant's cooking, in addition to a demonstration of a certain amount of flair. So what does No.12 Picardy Place offer that has propelled the restaurant to the top of the culinary world?

The restaurant has long been regarded by many as the most innovative and sophisticated establishment in the whole of Edinburgh. The premises alone make the restaurant a place well worth visiting. Housed in a glorious Georgian townhouse, No.12 Picardy Place has been carefully designed to be the ideal destination to for some end-of-the-day relaxation and enjoyment.

In addition, the restaurant occupies a number of floors - five, in fact - each of which offers a unique experience of its own. Whatever you are looking for, you may just find it here under one roof as the venue consistently strives to take its unique style of elegant, modern dining to new levels.

Along with the top-class dining facilities, 12 Picardy Place also houses a fabulous, vibrant cocktail bar that has an extensive range of cocktails that includes all of the classics and a few of their own invention. However, if somehow the cocktails on offer don't appeal, you can always ask for one that you have come up with on your own.

Another great feature of the venue is the wonderful 'Secret Garden'. Stylishly snuggled under a line of outdoor canopies, this is a little gem found hidden at the back end of the building. With special barbeques held throughout the summer, the combination of a candle-lit ambience set off by the charming cane furniture and low-slung tables make this a veritable little tropical paradise. In the winter months, smokers can save themselves from freezing to death to by huddling under the heaters.

All this, combined with the top-quality standards of cuisine, will leave you in no doubt as to why the venue has been added to the small list of places deemed worthy of the coveted AA three-rosette award. If you are making a short trip to the city and looking for one high-quality restaurant, No 12 Picardy Place should be your first port of call.

Eating like Royalty

Dreaming about being waited on twenty four hours a day is nothing unique. We’ve all wished we were born with that silver spoon in our mouths. The best most of us can hope for is a little indulgence now and then. Here are some suggestions to help you experience the true decadence.

The food that is most synonymous with decadence is Caviar. At one time a food for the rich only, there are now more varieties and types of fish roe than you can count. It’s still expensive and should only be reserved for the most special of occasions, but the rise of high quality fish farming has made this indulgence more available and affordable.

Artisanal breads are an amazing experience that you will not soon forget. Often over looked, truly well-made bread is something to be savored and revered. Hours of rising and proofing couple with just the right amount a kneading make for a loaf with the perfect texture and a beautiful crumb. The crumb refers to the texture of the inside of the bread. To airy and it won’t hold it’s shape. Too dense and it’s a pain to eat. When it’s just right, it’s amazing.

A fine beer is something else that’s worth loving. Many of us are only exposed to the American macro breweries that produce a light American lager that many people affectionately call “piss water”. There is a whole world of beer that you have likely never been exposed to. Belgian quadruples and micro-brewed beauties now saturate the market. You just have to be willing to adventure into new territory and try something new.

If you want a small indulgence that is not too costly but will still blow your socks off then I have a suggestion. Buy a tin of North American caviar, a loaf of artisanal sourdough and a bottle of Chimay white. You will thank me once all three of these flavors combine.

Expand Your Business through Food Business Cards

Business cards are the most efficient way for Offline way to endorse and publicize your food business. There are diverse forms of Business card, which are extremely resourceful and proficient, and one of them is food business cards.

The production of making food business cards can be exciting. There are a lot of options obtainable to making efficient food business cards without needing to spend big amount. Digital arts and graphic designs are approaching the limits, and making novel ideas never before seen in the marketing point of view of a business.

No matter if you are a caterer, a dealer, or a restaurant proprietor; you know that your achievement relies not just on product superiority; but also on advertising and promotion. The food business is one of the most aggressive industries in the world. 

But how do you fight in such an elevated demand market devoid of spending ridiculous amount for advertising and promotion? One of the solution components is attaining customers with your company name and product details. Food business cards in an extremely effective technique of doing this without having to extract a loan for promotion expenditure. These are more reasons why you consider having food business cards:

  • Networking Tools

Food business cards can be contributed to each and every one of your present and possible clients including: Caterers, wedding planners, and occasion planners. Food business cards place you at the fingertips of the people who could potentially need your services. 

  • By means of Food Business Cards You Are Always Remembered

By means of food business cards your services is simply recovered and remembered. Traders and other business owners keep business cards and will set off straight to these prior to looking in the phone book for a service supplier. Food business cards put aside you money and your client's time and energy.
Reward Referrals

A brilliant marketing plan is necessary to your company's achievement. Provide inducements for usual clients to desire to propose your company to others. This is simply made by providing your regular clients further copies of your food business cards. They are able to write their name on the back of each card prior to passing it down to others. New clients will then provide that person’s name when coming to you for service. The person who lends the referral can acquire a reduction or other recompense for recommending you.

Food Business Cards as we know are brilliant and attractive cards that put up with details of the business owner or a company. Food business cards are exchanged as an element of an official opening to have no difficulty in communicating with the people. Food business cards are ones that have turn out to be the face of a person now as there are some features that are enclosed in it. The cards speak a lot of the character and stature of the beholder. For this reason these have to be intended with greatest care to portray the wanted details in a trendy appearance. Review

In this modern day and age, we live in a world where almost all of us live a very hectic and stressful life, where we highly rely on fast food and processed food for our diet and the air that we breathe is so polluted. Everyday, various diseases and illnesses are spreading that it is really important that our body has strong immune system to combat these viruses and stay healthy.

Considering this fact, it is really important that we take vitamins and supplements to maintain good health. Vitamins are substances that are found in the food that we eat and thus we can get the vitamins that our body needs by eating nutritious food like vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and a lot more. But because of the kind of lifestyle and diet that most of us have, the vitamins that we get from the food that we take may not be enough to ensure our health and that is why we can not dismiss the importance of taking vitamins and supplements like calcium supplements, vitamins A, C, D, E, and more to achieve good health.

If you want to start living a healthy lifestyle, then you may want to check out is an online site where you can buy discount supplements, bath and beauty products, sports product, food and grocery, household and pet items and more. They offer a wide variety of products from different brands like Carlson Labs, Douglas Labs among others so you are sure that you will be able to find what you are looking for from their site.

Start your 2012 right by with a healthy living and you can easily achieve that with the help of the various products from

The 7 Biggest Food Festivals In The World

What complete fun to participate in a food fest, enjoy different culinary skills and revel in the cooking and relishing of great food! When you add plenty of entertainment and fun activities to the pot, it becomes one tasty stew you don’t want to miss. Here are the 7 biggest food festivals in the world; don’t forget to mark them in your calendar!

1. Taste Of Chicago
The most famous of them all is the world’s largest food festival, the Taste of Chicago. It’s held in Grant Park, Chicago, for 8 long, blissful days of foodism. Apart from food events, there’s also plenty of entertainment on offer. You can find the best local and national musical artists performing here, including well known names such as Kenny Rogers and Carlos Santana. Kids are not left out; there are plenty to rides to keep them happy, in between eating great food! This festival attracts people in the millions and over a hundred food vendors.

2. Maine Lobster Festival
The annual Maine Lobster Festival is held in Rockland, Maine to honor Maine’s chief export, the lobster. This 3-day festival is held on the first of August. It attracts many thousands from different parts of the world, who flock here to enjoy the food exhibitions, cookery events, entertainment, music performances, the crowning of Maine Sea Goddess and Neptune King, the lobster crate race and so on. During this festival, about 10 tens of fresh lobster and other delicious seafood are prepared.

3. The World Gourmet Summit
The festival is held in the month of April every year. Guests at this festival enjoy fabulous local gourmet preparations and enjoy premium wines from internationally acclaimed vintners. You’ll get to taste prize-winning wines such as L'Ermita from Alvaro Palacios, one of Spain's most celebrated vintners. This particular wine is produced in small quantities and is sold immediately. Those with delicate palates and fine tastes flock here every year to enjoy creations by master-class chefs, master chef workshops and watching international celebrity chefs at work.

4. The Good Food and Wine Show
This festival is held in Cape Town in May, Durban in July and Johannesburg in November. Master Chefs whip up their creations in the nine Chef in Action Theaters, while guests sip specialty wines. Guests enjoy the Wine Walk, watch the National Classic Cocktail Championships and attend Natural and Organic Forum’s workshops on healthy eating. Experience South Africa’s coffee culture in the Coffee Theater, where various coffee baristas compete to win a place in the National Barista Championships.

5. Hokitika's Wildfood Festival
New Zealand’s March Hokitika’s Wildfood Festival is a culinary adventure for those whose taste buds seek additional thrills. This festival began two years ago, owing to a fabulous home grown rose petal and gorse flower wines by Claire Bryant. The location for this festival couldn’t be more idyllic, surrounded as it is by glaciers, rainforest, rivers and wildlife. Here the adventurer in your palate will enjoy wild and weird delicacies such as wasp larvae ice cream and chocolate covered worms. This event has been awarded the Most Unique Event in New Zealand award.

6. Arcata Bay Oyster Festival
If you love oysters, then don’t miss the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival held in California in the month of June every year. Oysters are tasty, juicy, can be cooked in different ways and they boost male sexual libido! Want any more reasons to become an oyster fan? Arcata Bay is where over 70% of Californian oysters are cultivated. These delectable mollusks are prepared in many ways by local restaurateurs and master chefs, while maintaining an organic and sustainable method of cultivating and eating oysters.

7. Crave Sydney International Food Festival
A food festival that goes for a full month, starting October every year; how fabulous is that? Top master chefs and celebrity chefs from around the world flock to Sydney, Australia, to sample Australian cuisine and show what they can do. The World Chef Showcase is the best place for these chefs to come together and try out their master versions of Australian cuisine. It all comes together beautifully – fabulous weather, Sydney’s breathtaking landscape and great food, for an entire month!

Teena works for gift ideas company Adrenalin that offers a large range of gourmet experiences gifts for men and women ranging from chocolate making classes to coffee making Barista courses.