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Chika-an sa Cebu

We were in Gaisano Mandaue (now, the Pacific Mall) to do our groceries. We were so engrossed with what we were doing that it made us forget the time. It was way past lunch! We were famished but weren’t really in the mood for some fast food AGAIN. But we were in luck, so it seemed, because the mall already started with the renovations, and in place were new establishments such as restaurants, fast food chains and boutiques. Glad that Chika-an sa Cebu, a Filipino restaurant, was already open for business, so we decided to give it a try.

The Menu
The Menu

Service there was good. The staff were friendly and accommodating. The ambiance had a Filipino touch to it, as it had native furniture displayed inside. Food were served in 15 minutes as promised, which is awesome! Especially for those who really came in to eat — meaning, hungry people like us. However, the food was not really the best I’ve had of its kind. I mean, my mother’s kinilaw is way (waaay) better, and I’ve tasted better beef steak in my lifetime. But what I loved, really, was that they didn’t charge you for food coming from outside (or from Jollibee, to be exact), which made me and my fast-food-junkie of a daughter sooo happy!

If you were to ask, “Am I going to dine there again?” Heck yeah, I am! I haven’t tried their well-renowned crispy pata yet. So, next time, I’m definitely going to sink my teeth into those suckas!

Buttered Chicken
Buttered Chicken
Kinilaw na Isda with Pepino
Kinilaw na Isda with Pepino
Baked Scallops
Baked Scallops
How's the food, sir?
How’s the food, sir?
Happy campers -- I mean, eaters!
Happy campers — I mean, eaters!

About Jeanne M-K

Jeanne M-K is a full-time homemaker and a part-time bum, who also aspires to become a cooking master (in my dreams). She loves to experiment in the kitchen and aims to satisfy the palettes and fill the tummies of her favorite (and only) customers -- the ever-supportive husband and her unica hija, Zaki.


  1. I love Chika–an. Stayed in Cebu for almost 3yrs. I madly inlove with their monggos. Haha!! kakamiss naman!
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    Twitter: NezMercader

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing, Ness! I haven’t tried their monggos yet, but I trust your taste for good food. I’m definitely gonna order it in my next visit!
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      Twitter: inahannikarya

  2. wow…palatable dish. I can’t wait anymore to eat this delicious dish
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  3. Now i have more reasons to visit cebu again..

  4. haven’t been to Cebu :( but the food looks yummy!

  5. I should try that place when I go to Cebu this August.
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  6. I have a feeling that they’ll branch out to Mega Manila in the future :) More of a wish than a hunch actually – so I can taste those good-looking stuff you posted as pictures. Yummy! :)
    Twitter: raindeocampo

  7. I never been in Cebu but because of this post, I am excited to be there. The photos of foods are great (nakakagutom) :D
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  8. This looks like a wonderful trip. The baked scallops look scrumptiuous.
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  9. I so love scallops! Can even consume more than what was on your plate, lol.
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  10. Wow looks like a great restaurant and I love the photos! Love the CommentLuv. I have it on my blog too!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Jupiter Jim
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  11. Everything looks yummy especially the kinilaw. But I prefer pork over fish.
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  12. great find, surely the family enjoy the food
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  13. OH, the scallops look really good! Kagutom!
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  14. hay.. kinilaw! miss ko na yan! lalo na tanigue..
    meals are really great time to bond with love ones, no?
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  15. All those food look so good! :D The resto’s name is so catchy too! When I visit Gaisano Madaue in the future, i’ll try Chika-an sa Cebu! ;)

  16. You have an awesome food blog. I will try Chika-an when I visit Cebu. Nice photography of the images.

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