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Ayer Lechon Hauz

Ayer LechonLast October 5, the Cebu Bloggers Society was invited by Ayer Lechon to try their newly launched Spicy Boneless Belly Lechon. As the popularity of Boneless Lechon is increasing rapidly in the market today, Ayer Lechon joined the race of serving Boneless Lechon to Cebuanos. According to them, what made their Boneless Lechon differ from the other brand is that they are using the secret ingredient that they are putting on their Lechon. Aside from that, they uses native pigs. As we all know, native pigs compared to the commercially grown have succulent meat.

Just to give you a quick info about Ayer Lechon, it was established by Cebuano serving for the Philippine Military. Ayer’s Lechon is known for its tasting tender juicy and crispy lechon that started its operation last 2008. And they are proud to say that they are a pure Cebuano brand. A brand that we can be proud of wherever we go and as we all know that Cebu is known all over the country to have the best tasting lechon. Aside from their best tasting Original and Spicy Boneless Lechon, they also serve value, single serve and lechon meals that all of us can afford. Below are the list of their meals.

Ayer Lechon Hauz Value Meals

Dugo-Dugo, Rice and Coke – PhP50
Paksiw, Rice and Coke – PhP65
Lechon, Rice and Coke – PhP75
Liver Afritada, Rice and Coke - PhP55
Prichon (Piniritong Lechon), Rice and Coke – PhP75
Bopis, Rice and Coke – PhP50
Kimchi, Lechon, Rice and Coke – PhP100
Sinichon, Rice and Coke – PhP60

Ayer LechonSingle Serve Meals
Dugo-dugo – PhP35
Paksiw – PhP50
Liver Afritada – PhP40
Bopis – PhP35
Taugi – PhP20
Sinichon – PhP120
Prichon Party Size – PhpP325

1 Kilo – PhP460
3/4 Kilo – PhP345
1/2 Kilo - PhP230
1/4 Kilo – PhP115

Isn’t that budget friendly? You will still enjoy Ayer Lechon products without spending more.

Now, if you are no longer residing in Cebu and want to enjoy Ayer Lechon, you can make it possible because they deliver nationwide and not only that, you can order online. Payment option also is incredible, you can opt to pay via Money Transfer (MLuhiller), Ayer Lechon Bank Account or you can simply pay them online via Paypal or credit card. Isn’t that awesome? You can now enjoy Cebu’s best lechon without leaving the comfort of your own home. Please refer below for the pricing.

Ayer Lechon Sizes, Prices and Freight Charges

Ayer Lechon

How’s that? They are bringing Cebu’s best lechon right at your doorsteps. Cool right? If you have further queries and questions you may check their FAQ page, everything you need to know about ordering online is listed there. You can also contact them thru mobile and landline. See below

  • Tel : (032) 268-0327
  • Fax :  (032) 231-7615
  • Mobile : 09228268133 / 09228268132

Anyway, that day was a tummy-filling moment as most of us really enjoyed eating all the food the prepared for us. Thanks Ayer Lechon for giving us the chances of tasting them all for free.

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Jeanne M-K is a full-time homemaker and a part-time bum, who also aspires to become a cooking master (in my dreams). She loves to experiment in the kitchen and aims to satisfy the palettes and fill the tummies of her favorite (and only) customers -- the ever-supportive husband and her unica hija, Zaki.

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  1. I have been visiting various blogs for my dissertation study. Actually i am a food bug, especially i like meat type food, bring me a lot of rubs and marinades but have never tried this brand.

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